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Their customer service is exceptional. They went above and beyond to help me set up internet on my devices, then followed up to ensure my experience was satisfactory.

Amy Ho

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Flexibility and fair prices: We never lock you into a contract and we don’t charge any hidden fees. You can cancel your plan at any time, at no cost.

Reliability: We understand the value of having a fast worry-free internet service at all times. We are committed to providing a service that is reliable and safe for all our customers.

Customer experience: Skip the drives to the store and long waits on hold. At Netcrawler, we value your time. You’ll never wait long to speak with an experienced, local representative.

While we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, don’t just take our word for it. Check out our exceptional Google reviews!

Yes! Our Netcrawler team is 100% Canadian and made up of unique, passionate individuals from diverse backgrounds. We hire locally so that our team can reflect the population we serve. And by creating jobs for Canada’s highly skilled and competitive workforce, we’re investing in our own economy.

Our Net Promoter Score (NPS) is world class. Over 94% of our subscribers say they are highly satisfied with our network and the customer care they receive. 

From sharing sensitive documents while working from home to hosting virtual parties with loved ones, we know Canadians rely on the internet now more than ever before. That’s why we use industry leading equipment and software. At Netcrawler, we’re committed to reliability.

There is no catch! Although we invest heavily in our network, we keep our operations lean and make well-thought-out decisions.

We don’t own storefronts or fancy buildings; we operate as a cloud-based internet provider.

In a digital world where connectivity technologies are constantly evolving, we’re always challenging ourselves to stay ahead of the trends. Staying proactive means lower costs for us and ultimately, lower costs for you!

We recommend internet speeds based on the number of active users and the number of devices used in your home.

Virtual video conference calls and screensharing requires about 10 Mbps, but to view the highest quality ultra high-definition video content from Netflix, we recommend a 25 Mbps connection or better.

For the average Canadian internet user, there isn’t much you cannot do with 100 Mbps as your internet speed.

Absolutely! We’re extremely confident you’ll love your experience with us, so we don’t need to tie you into a contract to earn your loyalty.

With a 99.9% retention rate, our excellent track record speaks for itself and we’re constantly working on making it better.

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Our mission is to drive down Internet costs and make access fair, attainable, and sustainable.
We do this by keeping operations lean and making well-informed decisions.


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Better equipment means better Wi-Fi

We partnered with TP-Link to provide our customers with a sleek Archer AX10 Wi-Fi 6 Router. Enjoy flawless video chats, better gaming speeds, and instantaneous loading on every device—all at the same time. Provided to you at no extra charge.

Boosted WiFi Coverage

The Archer AX10 uses beamforming technology to focus it's signal to devices that need it the most. Eliminate weak signal areas with coverage that goes further and faster.

Smart Home Ready

With more connected devices in homes than ever before, everyone deserves a smarter and easier way to connect. Utilize Amazon Alexa to control your Archer AX10 via voice commands to enjoy truly intelligent life.

Faster Speeds

Enjoy continuous streams and crystal-clear videos without worrying about the number of devices connected and transmitting data at the same time.

Fast, affordable, better internet.

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